Ever since I could remember my favorite place has been the kitchen. I finally realized I should start a cooking blog when looking back through old pictures I realized that in the majority of them I was wearing an apron. I started hills and berries  to share the hills I visit and berries I taste along the way. I’m a total foodie and can often be found in a new restaurants. I love trying new flavors and making up new recipes. I found that happy moments are created when you share food with others. My other passion is living out life to the fullest. I love traveling and trying new things. Nature is my happy place and you can often find me there. I love to be with dear friends, because I believe most moments are better spent with another soul. I’m a junior in college that couldn’t live the ramen life. This blog is my place to share new things I whip up in the kitchen, the bites I try out and about, and the adventures I encounter along the way!

I’ve been Featured on ABC4, click on photo below to watch the clip. 


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