The Rose Establishment

After running the happiest 5k in the planet in the heart of Salt Lake City my friend turns to me and tell me he knows just the place for brunch. We walked into the polished Rose Establishment covered in colored chalk from head to foot. 

We ordered a Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Lemongrass Curry, Yerba Latte and Plum Cake from the very well dressed barista.

Tucked into a brick nook, you wouldn’t know from the neon lights what was inside. The vibe was definitely modern. It was a cozy little cafe with an an industrial neutral colored edge. The people it attracted were just as unique. We saw people from all walks of life, coming together to enjoy a delicious meal. 

The Yerba Latte was a fabulous substitute for me since I don’t drink coffee. It was a tad not sweet enough for me so I added some brown sugar from their adorable little condiment table. The drink was both earthy and smooth. The plum cake was fairly dry, but alternating sips of the latte it was wonderful. The touch of bee pollen on top of an absolutely wonderfully simple whipped topping was an interesting pop of flavor. 

When the cashier suggested we try the ham and cheese sandwich I admit I was skeptical. But honestly it was my favorite part of the meal! The aioli and mustard brought together the flavors from the greens, ham and Asiago. My mouth was exploding with so many different flavors, but strange as they sounded together they fit together perfectly. It was paired with a lemongrass curry, the spices were perfectly combined with a wonderful little kick at the end.

The whole experience was absolutely wonderful. So many people just enjoying incredibly thoughtful food and sharing great moments. It was a great vibe!

Give them a visit, we would definitely go back!

235 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(801) 990-6270

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